Posted by Bob Howe OAM

Wahroonga Rotary has raised Half a Million Dollars in the past 15 Years for YOUTH ASSISTANCE 


Over the past 15 years, the Wahroonga Youth Committee has raised over $485,000 for community projects…. which is an average of $32,000 per annum. 

The NOVUS Foundation contributed 0ver half of this amount.  NOVUS was a cooperative effort by the SAN Hospital, the McCarroll Automotive Group and Wahroonga Rotary.  It was a Not for Profit Foundation limited by Guarantee.   NOVUS was established in 2007.   It was active for over 18 years and raised around $2 million for Youth in our area.  When we started, we thought it may have a life of only 3 years but  due to the exceptionally effective effort by the three parties they were able to run 16 annual Gala Dinners and it ceased to operate in 2022.  

We chose a period of 15 years as we have clear records of where our $485,000 in Revenue and our $433,000 in expenditure was sourced and applied.   

Our Youth Committee is made up of a group of dedicated individuals (12 in all) who each have an individual passion for specific activities which ensures they stay interested, committed and dedicated.  

Membership has remained fairly constant with about half long term and others quite new. 

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We have raised $485,000 for Youth activities over the past 15 years (i.e. an average of $32,000 pa) 

  • 80% of our funds raised come from the following three sources: 

  • The single most significant contributor has been the NOVUS Foundation where the annual Gala Dinner produced a return of 20% pa from the net revenue ($270,000) based mainly on the work of the Youth Committee in the operation and maintenance of the Dinner. 

  • Our Christmas Raffle is used to raise funds for Bursaries for St Lucys and St Edmunds - local specialist schools for handicapped students.  A total of $89,000.  This allows the Schools to assist some of the over committed families to remain at their schools. 

  • Our latest innovation is the Wine Women and Song Event.   Our incoming President, Sallianne McClelland, is the mainstay of this event and this year she raised $19,500 for our Youth Committee to distribute between ourselves and three other Youth related organisations (KYDS, StreetWork and Jim Jam Music – all Hornsby related youth organisations). 


A total of $433,000 has been distributed to Youth Projects over the past 15 years ($29,000pa).   

Our top 10 activities are shown below ($356,800 or over 80% of our funds have gone to these 10 projects over the years).  These are our priority projects and we ensure we produce detailed Budgets for our Board and our Youth Committee: 

  1. $137,000 to St Lucys and St Edmunds for School Bursaries 

  1. $49,000 for our District RYLA awardees 

  1. $44,000 for KYDS which provides psychological support  for students and their parents 

  1. $31,000 for the PCYC Youth at Risk at PCYC Hornsby/K’gai 

  1. $24,500 for various Indigenous programs because we should have this as one of our priorities 

  1. $21,500 for ABBOX where local Abbotsleigh and Knox students work with handicapped children in a live-in program 

  1. $21,750 for Youth Mental Health Forums 

  1. $10,900 for supporting District NYSF along with our Vocational Committee which also provides funding for these exceptional students 

  1. $10,220 for District RYPEN Summer Camp. (Our Club managed the District RYPEN Summer Camp for 15 years) 

  1. $7,420 for District MUNA participation 

In addition to these top 10 Youth Priorities, the Youth Committee supports a further 29 Youth projects where we have spent another $76,000.  These include: 

  • District Youth Exchange (we have not participated in this for many years now) 

  • Marion Street Theatre for Young People as our Arts project 

  • StreetWork who work with Youth at Risk 

  • Studio ARTES at Hornsby 

  • YBU Youth at Risk 

  • Operation Hope and many others………