Recently the District 9685 Rotary Youth Exchange Chair seeking input from Club Youth Directors as follows:
"The District 9685 Youth Exchange Committee is looking for a Secretary to commence on 1 February 2024!
The Rotary Youth Exchange Program provides an opportunity for school students to live and study abroad for 12 months. The program is coordinated at a district level by the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee, with students hosted and sponsored by individual Rotary clubs."
Bob, advises the outcome - as follows:
"I am pleased to say that Mariela Salisch contacted the current Secretary for Youth Exchange and had a 1 hour discussion with her. Mariela was then asked to attend the RI Offices at Norwest on Saturday to meet the Committee and Mariela was then offered the position effective 01 Feb 2024."
We all wish Mariela our best wishes in her new role and an exciting opportunity to work on a fabulous Rotary programme.