ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER Melanie Lewis 2021-2022
District Role
• Serve as an advisor on environmental activities
• Be a resource for the District in the development of environmental programs and projects
• With the support of the District prepare an environmental strategic plan.
• Provide educational/professional learning opportunities about environmental matters for clubs
• Liaise with other District committees as appropriate to ensure that, where possible, the environment is incorporated in all events, activities and projects
• Attend District meetings and seminars as the Environmental Officer
• Provide articles for the District’s Newsletter
• Develop an environmental publicity campaign, obtain suitable display and promotional materials and make these available to clubs on request
 • Establish a District network of environmental volunteers both inside and outside of Rotary.
• Investigate opportunities for partnerships with external organisations to increase the District’s impact and profile in environmental matters.
• Provide support to the TRF Grants Officer when processing any environmental grant applications.
• Encourage and support for clubs to form their own environmental committee.