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 A special note from John Welch about the clubs involvement in Mongolia
As you know there is considerable mention of the Cath Lab installed in 2003 in No 3 Shastin Hospital Ullanbatar Mongolia, as a result of the gift of the unit from the San to RCW.
(A Cath Lab is a special X-Ray machine used in conjunction with dyes injected into the cardiac system to visualise blood flow and manipulate corrective items, eg Stents.)
On numerous other matters RCW had involvement with Mongolia and therefore there was an interest to continue this interest as Dr Alan Gale had been to Mongolia to teach Cardiac Surgery as part of the San's Open Heart Outreach programme. At that time these programmes were listed in a booklet titled: Fourth Avenue in Motion.
A Power Point presentation was developed during 2002 to use when seeking support from clubs or any others to assist in transferring this donated Cath Lab. CD 1 refers
As far as transferring Cath Lab's there was a similar type of activity early when Ron Marcus working with RAWCS had installed a Cath Lab (not from the San) in a hospital in Nepal.
Ron approached the Rotary Foundation seeking a Carl Miller Grant to survey the feasibility of installing this unit from the San in Ullanbatar. This was awarded with recipients Ron Marcus, John Welch and Peter Koens from Philips.
In July 2002 the recipients travelled to Mongolia did the study, examined the site, sought advice from the hospital administration, reviewed existing equipment and suitability of existing power supply. I had obtained layout drawings for a similar Cath Lab from other Philips staff to guide the hospital staff on what would be required. On return a report was prepared (copy to RCW) confirming that the transferring of the Cath Lab was possible. CD 2 refers to this Carl Miller funded investigation
 Arising from this was the need now to raise some $65000 to allow this unit to be transported to the Shastin No 3 Hospital in Ullanbatar Mongolia. After my year of presidency 2001-2002 I undertook during 2002-2003, on behalf of the club, to raise/be responsible for getting these funds to allow this activity to proceed. I had some connections in the Customs and Shipping area and this helped in overcoming difficulties in this area which required transport by Sea and the TransSiberian Railway through China and on to Mongolia where extreme thermal conditions were to be expected and which could cause damage to this sensitive electronic equipment
 Initially I went to other local clubs seeking funds and received a promise from Gerards Cross of $5000. We also undertook and made an application for a Container Grant. The outcome of this application was not assured as the single Rotary Club in Ulanbatar ( there are now I believe 6) had not provided a closure to a previous grant. Vic Deeble followed up on these Grants during his Presidency 2002-2003 
At that stage in mid2003 we had reached about $35000 with actual money and pledges, including an ECG machine from Gerards Cross.
Therefore we were still short by $30000, however, I indicated we should still proceed. Fate was on our side as Dr Alan Gale had a patient Paul Cave who had serious health issues and while in hospital gave instructions to Dr Gale to give $30000 to this project ( I am unsure of the exact amount). Paul Cave was subsequently awarded a PHF for this financial support. Thus the project could proceed and a number of Rotarians assisted in packing up not only the Cath Lab but as many spare parts that could be found, an extensive amount of other Hospital Equipment from "Donations In Kind" at Penrith and Air Conditioning equipment for the new installation purchased from Australia.
During 2003 the equipment was duly delivered to the Shastin Hospital, installed by team of about 17 RAWC'S volunteers and then commissioned later on by a team of medical specialists from the San including Dr Gale. This project was described by Dr Gale at the Brisbane Rotary International Convention and estimated by Dr Gale to be a gift to the people of Mongolia worth $1.5 m. CD 3 refers.
I had hoped that one Doctor from the Hospital could come to Australia and gain some experience but much to my disappointment this was not to be.
I prepared a very detailed Application to Aus Aid for assistance to provide funds for ongoing maintenance over a 5 year period. This was treated in a very casual way as RAWCS is not an accredited Aus-Aid Agency This omission of support gave rise later on to the then Prime Minister John Howard issuing a Certificate Of Appreciate to me from the Commonwealth recognising my contribution to this project, but no money.
However, while I was in Mongolia an attempt had been made to obtain further funds for continuing further maintenance but this did not occur at the time. However, in 2004 a Canadian Gold Mining company provided a cheque for $30000 and this was transferred to RAWCS. This money is still used for this purpose.
Now, of interest this original Cath Lab installed in 2003 was replaced in 2009 after very extensive use treating 1500+ patients per year including Cardiac and Cancer patients.
This replacement occurred in 2009 and fortunately somebody did a record (about 10 minutes) of this new installation see: shastincathlab
Further an additional Cath Lab has been installed in another Hospital in Ullanbatar and there is a further one coming as gift from the USA government
So this Rotary initiative has had far reaching consequences.
John Welch
July 2014