Posted by Hugh Burne
Hugh was in Scotland from July 20th to 23rd 2019 inclusive, and reports:
Local Glasgow friends drove us extensively around Scotland, especially to include "Outlander's Scotland". Scotland "blew us away” for its absolute beauty, friendships and humour. We had more laughs in 3 1/2 days than on rest of trip (although France was not far behind, but we were there 2 weeks). We were based Glasgow and covered Glasgow-Edinburgh Scotland by car:

1. Glasgow "kerbside" visits to

  • Glasgow University (doubled as Harvard in Outlander where Frank was a Professor and Brianna visited; Brianna is daughter of Claire with her 1740's husband Jamie but born in 20th century),
  • George Square where 1940's Claire got proposal from Frank, her 20th century husband, who became Brianna's 20th century dad),
  • Glasgow Cathedral where Claire volunteered as a WW2 nurse,124 Dowanhill Street (west end of Glasgow) apartment filmed as Claire and Frank's Boston home, and as actor Sam Heughan's (Jamie in the series) apartment when filming. We knocked on the door but not home as not filming latest Series 4 that week we were there. We did not seek out Catriona Balfe (who plays Claire) for same reason.
  • Clachan Pub
  • I couldn't resist taking photo of a dog walking van stopped in front of us ( "Pee in the Park")
  1. We drive round complete shoreline of the legendary, gorgeous romantic Loch Lomond in the Trossachs in late afternoon into evening (trying not to disturb amorous campers). Hugh "lifted" a Loch Lomond rock from pebbly beach at Balmaha. Dinner at The Winnock Restaurant near Balmaha.
It's actually very sad:
O ye'll tak' the high road and I'll tak' the low road
And I'll be in Scotland before ye
But me and my true love will never meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond
  1. Loch Katrine adjacent to Loch Lomond and also in the Trossachs; including Outlander cruise on famous 120yr old steamer Sir Walter Scott in a very strong gale (Roger and Brianna drove these roads of Loch Lomond and Katrine when they became friends). 
  • Tennent Caledonian Wellpark Brewery at Loch Katrine (actor Sam Heughan was the feature for brewery's 125th anniversary ad)
  • Viewed Loch Achray Hotel Callender next to Loch Katrine.
  1. Road trip to Edinburgh:
  • Edinburgh Castle (already set up for the 2019 Tattoo - much smaller than appears on TV broadcasts-starting a week after our departure; Proclaimers performed that evening); unexpected to find beautiful Soldiers' Dogs Cemetery, and rather classy rainwater downpipes at the castle.
  • Royal Mile and Bakehouse Close (latter another Outlander filming site- a print shop) 
  • The White Hart Inn (oldest pub in Edinburgh)
  • Royal Yacht Britannia berthed at Ocean Terminal, Leith (Edinburgh)
  • Dinner at The Rosehip Edinburgh (yes, one of us ate Haggis and it was not me; our friends did offer to share -no way having been to a Robbie Burns night haggis ritual with relatives in England a decade before- saw raw ingredients!)
  • Crossed Firth of Forth Road Bridge and viewed historic Forth Railway cantilever bridge
  1. Culross Village (another Outlander filming site called Cranesmuir)
Hugh "crossing the stones" Outlander-style to go retro 250 yrs hand in hand with "frantic" Annette happy to stay in 21st century. Alas! This one was a fake as were the ones called Craigh na Dun and used in the filming (and made of styrofoam). It did not work for Hugh! Just curious.
  1. Doune Castle (fictitious Castle Leoch seat of Clan MacKenzie in the series). Doune is on River Teith about 10km from Stirling.
  1. Romantic dinner at Lake Hotel and Waterfront Restaurant on shores of Lake Menteith; Hugh did not order haggis, but our friends did and again offered to share (no way). More gorgeous photos and video.
  1. As we left on train Glasgow Central, our friends sang for all to hear "will ye no come back again" choking tears!
  1. My Dad's side of my family are Scots on his Mum's side; family name Watson, clan Buchanan
Hugh Burne Sept 3rd 2019 for WRC