You are nearly ready to sign up, but before you do we want to check you can say yes to everything we list below because it is important you understand what you are committing to:

However, it is important you understand what you are committing to:

  1. Engaging with your company or community to do a ‘odd/unused sock’ drive (odd/unused socks that would have gone eventually into the garbage bin, and therefore to landfill). You will receive sample wording to use to encourage engagement from your school/community group/company/organisation.

  2. Impressing upon your community the importance of following these strict guidelines (that odd/unused socks that would have gone to landfill) so we can ensure our project is reducing waste, not creating waste.

  3. Encouraging your community to ensure the collected ‘odd/unused socks’ are clean!

  4. Register and pay $100 to receive for your step-by-step 'how-to' pack an a 50-metre strip of tape which you will use to sew your donated odd/unused socks onto. This is specifically measured to ensure compliance with our Socktastic World Record Attempt. Detailed instructions on how to sew the odd/unused socks to the tape are part of the 'how-to'pack. All socks need to be connected to each other and our template and instructions ensures this is a simple and smooth process for you and also complies with the Socktastic World Record Attempt process.
  5. Collecting $2 for every ‘odd/unused sock’ collected. We have estimated that you will need 200 odd/unused socks to complete your Socktastic Sock Chain so you then pay the balance of $300 (a total of $400 per 50 metre Socktastic Sock Chain).

You need to follow these guidelines closely, or your Socktastic Sock-Line cannot be included in the World Record Attempt.

Once you have completed your 50-metre Socktastic World Record Attempt Sock Chain, you will need to get in touch with us for final instructions on how to pay the balance of $300 by the 30th September 2020. 

So you are ready to say yes? Not! Great news please Register.